What is The Faery Glass?



“The Faery Glass is the name I give to the” magical mirror” of inner Vision as opposed to imagination.The Faery Glass is as much about Truth as Beauty and is a service which brings profound inspiration, uplift and wonder to people. When we are moved to a sense of Awe-very real magic can happen inside people.” Jessie Brogan

Imbas- “a vision that illumines”


What do you do?

I create what would commonly be known as“psychic” portraits of the spiritual companions who accompany people through their life. My Faery Glass service has its roots firmly twined in those of the ancient, yet timeless Faery Seer ship Tradition and I specifically focus my vision on Faery beings I know to be present. I am dedicated to mediating visions of our Sidhe kin so that other people can “see” their Unseen faery Companions. I poetically refer to the spiritual portraits of Faery/sidhe as “bright reflections of the unseen”.

Using natural but heightened spiritual senses to see, feel and hear, I capture the “reflection” of  Faery beings, sketching the rich and beautiful images they convey to create uniquely personal portraits of my clients unseen faery companions, guides and helpers. A great deal of communication always flows from the Faery simultaneously when I`m in vision, and I compile these messages and communications from the faery about their nature and relationship with  the client, making it all into a beautiful folio to treasure forever.

What do you see in The Glass?

Alot of wonderful things that are Real-are also normally invisible to ordinary senses.Faery are real-very real even though they are non organic, non physical sentient beings.  So the first thing I see and sketch for my clients is their faery companion in its raw spiritual, energetic form. This initial encounter is genuinely extraordinary and hugely illuminating demanding attention and immediate understanding from all my senses. An immense amount of information is conveyed very rapidly and very intensely the moment a connection is made. As the contact continues the raw form begins to take on forms and features recognisable, and relatable to the human I`m working for. As you can see from the pictures on this page-peoples faery and the story they have to share with us are all very unique, strange and beautiful. I could never guess who or what will reveal itself in The Faery Glass-it’s a genuinely moving to be part of such a Mystery.

“I may close my eyes and see you as a vivid picture in memory, or I may look at you with my physical eyes and see your actual image. In seeing these beings of which I speak, the physical eyes may be open or closed: mystical beings in their own world and nature are never seen with the physical eyes.” AE George Russell Irish Mystic and Seer

Does everyone have a faery companion-will someone definitely show up for me?

I have never yet looked in the faery glass and not been greeted by a spiritual companion for anyone. Some companions are distinctly of the faery races, some are ancestors, others appear as fey shape shifting animals anything can and does come forward from the Faery Realms …..In my experience, we are intimately connected to the Bright Ones and they to us. I`m certain that if a Faery being looks in a magic mirror it finds its human companion smiling back just as we find them. The faery races are so close to most of us that they may be likened to our bright shadows. They are our kin and when we build a relationship with them it gifts a sense of “comng home” in your soul.

Are the images you draw “made up” in anyway?

“ No!”

Lolololol- I have been working professionally as an artist for nearly thirty years now. The artistic skills I have and continue to develop certainly are intrinsic in creating psychic portraits that please the eyes as well as -most importantly convincing the hearts of my clients. The portraits from The Faery Glass are not creation –they are mediation. There is no outer reference and so two distinct skill sets are held in balance. I am often overwhelmed by what I “see” in vision and do indeed wonder-how the heck do you draw that???? Lololololol The answer from the Faery is always a calm “ don`t question draw what you see.” As a session looking in the Faery Glass continues the faery always become more “approachable” and elements appear that can be understood fairly easily by anyone. The integrity of the mediated reflection of the otherworld both visual and verbal is everything to me. There seems little point in doing this kind of work unless you are doing it with integrity-or what use is it? I have a vibrant and supported life as a professional artist and could simply concentrate on creating whatever I like lololol The Faery Glass is as much about Truth as Beauty and is a service which brings profound inspiration, uplift and wonder to people. Personally I just see myself as a little Worker Bee for the faery and hope my small bit of “honey making” brings some healing and uplift to the bonds between us and our Bright Shadows- “The People of Peace”.


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